Why on earth am I doing this?

Here, I shed light on the reasoning behind my pursuit to start a blog. 

I suppose I could confess the short answer and just admit, “well, because I want to”. Though it is the best answer, I fear that it wouldn’t suffice. And besides, in today’s world with the millennial need for social media validation, I can hear the snickering gossip behind my computer over my sporadically loud typing.

To cut to the chase: I am starting this blog because I love writing, and I believe I have lived (up to this point) at least somewhat of an interesting life. And for those that know me, you know why. For me, writing almost always delivers the chance to actually organize what we in our everyday lives struggle to understand or try to say. Writing has helped me understand my own self, my relationships, past struggles, failures, and future endeavors. If I were to tell someone how I really feel, chances are I rehearsed it in writing several times. Then deleted it, and then started over again; such as it will be with this blog.

Cliché point being: If you want to start something or get involved with something you feel passionate about, then do it. Pay no mind to those who may judge you for it. Because if you become overly focused on what others may think, you cloud the reflective waters of where you can actually see who you really are.

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