A Better Trump means a Hotter Fire

With a controversial Trump headline in the news every day, I question whether a slightly better Trump would make him appear much worse.

Russian collusion, healthcare, North Korea, wiretaps, tax returns, protecting our National parks; the list goes on.

Every day it seems that there is a new controversial headline regarding President Trump. And as the controversies pile up, so does your Facebook news feed or whatever news platform you may prefer. The point is that the media has been trying to juggle all of these news stories at once, and Trump just keeps throwing them a new ball every day; while the rest of us slowly forget the other serious controversies that are slowly seeping from our memories.

Is it possible that this is some divisive measure implemented by Trump in order to get us to forget about his past offenses? Land in one controversy, and then commit another? I sincerely doubt that he is actually calculating something so aberrant in his head, but it sure seemed like this was the case during his campaign.

One theory derived from philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris, is that if Trump were only slightly better, he would appear much worse than he actually is.

Unfortunately, how the population views Trump is still subjective. But if Trump were any better than he currently is, which is now a Gallup poll approval rating of 36%*, then the media might actually have time to keep all of their stories in the air for our attention. Then again, where the media stands in the public’s eyes is still not on solid ground. However, it stands to reason that Trump the man and all of his obvious flaws would supersede whatever new dilemma he could create thereafter.

The problem with speculation such as this, is that it currently doesn’t reflect reality, and might not ever.


* http://www.gallup.com/opinion/polling-matters/207416/trump-approval-rating-drops-new-low.aspx



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